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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Farmers Forced to Shoot Their Pigs…You Cant Collect Rainwater…Gun Control Dead With Un Treaty Shelving? Nope…Some Disturbing Stats…Tips For Mitt

Don’t think they want to control–or worse–your land and more? Hair raising stories of prosecution of unpasteurized milk, folks prosecuted by government for collecting rainwater in permitted ponds on their own land, farmers forced to shoot their whole brood of pigs–even piglets. Some stats on jobs, and manufacturing you really wont like and they won’t tell. And guess who is there to buy companies–particularly defense contractors our own government has put on ropes by awarding contracts to foreign competitors? Yep. China…And don’t be misled by Obama’s previous pretended support of the second amendment–the real anti gun history of Barry–his recent coming out of the closet on arms control, and bills now in the senate aimed at ammo and more. Finally our wildly popular segment, “Tips for Mitt”… Mitt, ya listening???