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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – The Hijacking of Canada’s Wealth and Origins of Variolation

This is the start of a long series of conversations, as it very well should be, since it entails both United States and Canadian “his story”. Our guest is “GM”, a Canadian by birth, but a citizen yet in good standing with his humanity. In other words, he cares about the well-being of everyone, enough to place telling of the truth above making a dollar.

GM is a voracious researcher with a photographic memory, and his grasp of the information that he presents is high. To use the term coined by Ingo Swann, author of “Secrets of Power,” he groks his subject. What that means to you is that you’ll be taken on a journey that will meld Canadian and U.S. history, with the “X-files.” That is, if you dare to listen.

What’s more, it’s true.

Adam’s conversation with GM this week is but a small piece of a series of exchanges that will open your mind to a number of heretofore unquestioned activities that are doing great harm to humanity, yet are considered, not only benign, but beneficial, when the truth, born out by human experience, indicates otherwise.

Subjects include the Power Corporation of Canada, the massive transfer of her vast natural and mineral resources and intellectual property to foreign interests and control, political collusion that transcends national borders, the connection of the Montreal-Mirabel International Airport to the vast underground complex at the new Denver airport, and many more.

This is the initial deposit. Listen if you dare liberate yourself.

The Truth has been “out there” for too long. Now it’s coming Home.

WARNING: This conversation contains a “high salt content” in GM’s language, but know that it is the best kind; full spectrum.

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