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Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Writing the New Story of Evolution

In this inaugural program, a wide-ranging discussion with futurist and eco-visionary Duane Elgin touches on some of the primary topics of Eco Evolution: changes in our global systems to align with those of the biosphere, empowerment of local communities, and the worldwide movement of initiatives and organizations that are already creating solutions that can be rapidly scaled up as the obsolete systems are breaking down. Elgin, author of several influential books including Voluntary Simplicity and hundreds of articles, has concluded that the facts and data don’t impact society as much as the “stories” that dictate our consensus reality. We need alternatives to the prevailing stories such as “the American Dream,” which is constantly reinforced through our commercial media, programming us to believe that happiness and success is derived solely from financial gain, buying power – and brand allegiance. His latest publishing initiative is the Great Transition Stories WIKI that offer new stories that better represent and inspire our evolutionary potential. Along with many other provocative ideas and insights, Elgin shares some of the new stories that promise to speed our shift to a sustainable culture as the public and its institutions begin to identify with a positive approach to our eco evoluion.