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Enlightened Life

Chavah Aima

Enlightened Life – Living Life as Spiritual Practice

As enlightened consciousness grows, more people want to know how to integrate an effective and powerful practice into their lives. Beyond our daily meditations, we reach true enlightenment when our lives become our practice. Join us for an enlightening conversation with Maya Tiwari, a renowned spiritual leader and author of The Path of Practice, The Oracle of Love, Living Ahimsa Diet: Nourishing Love and Life and other books on spiritual life. Maya is the founder of Wise Earth School of Aruveyda, the first Aruvedic school to be established in the U.S., where she has trained hundreds of instructors worldwide in the healing traditions of India. Maya has been praised by the Parliament of World Religions for her global work in fostering wellness, peace and inter-faith understanding. She has created Mother Om Mission (MOM) to bring Aruvedic education to at-risk communities. Maya established the Living Ahimsa Foundation to help everyone cultivate harmony in thoughts, words and actions. Discover the rich rewards of peace, love and healing that can be yours and get inspired to make your life a sacred practice.