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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – How the Dying Can Teach Us about Living with Becki Hawkins

Former RN, Hospice Chaplain and author Becki Hawkins discusses her new book Transitions: A Nurse’s Education about Life and Death. She first explains how she began her nursing career by working with cancer patients. Then Becki discusses the importance of being a compassionate listening presence to both oncology patients and to those living with terminal illnesses. It’s important for her to take good care of her self while caring for others. She prays and meditates, spends time in nature, has good boundaries in order to be truly present to her patients. Becki shares several inspiring stories from her book that show how the terminally ill can teach us how to live as fully as possible. For more information, please visit