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Today’s Parents – How To Be A Parent In Today’s Hectic World

It seems that there is always so much to do around the house – the grocery shopping, the cooking, the cleaning – all the chores that need to be done, and the kids!
There is a schedule and a list that runs on and on in your mind – soccer practice, ballet class, music lessons, birthday parties, the school play, pick up the dry cleaning, call the plumber to come fix the toilet… the list never ends. All these and still not counting the separate to-do list at work!
Being a parent is a 24/7 job, how does anyone manage? It takes someone like Superman or Super Girl to be able to do everything a parent needs to do and still have a life!
In this show, Today’s Parents speaks with clinical psychologist, ordained minister and mother of two boys, Dr. Nikki Instone about the Super Mom phenomenon. This phenomenon doesn’t just affect moms, it applies to dads as well. Listen in as Dr. Instone talks about signs and symptoms of being overwhelmed, how it affects your marriage and your family and also some tips on how to be a parent in today’s hectic world.

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