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Football Ranters – “2012 Division Previews: AFC & NFC East”

It’s the last of the division previews, as the NFL season is finally, mercifully, at long last, almost under way. Ranter and The Danchise will hypothesize, prognosticate and opine on the upcoming success — or lack thereof — of the Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Giants, Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins. You’ll find out which of these teams are for real, which ones suck and which movies you should watch to give you a taste of what their seasons will be like. Also, it’s getting down to the wire to sign up for the Football Ranters Fantasy League. To get in on this FREE contest, simply send an email to mail [at] footballranters [dot] com with the subject line “I want in.” The deadline is August 22, so act fast, Lunatics.