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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Noodling Catfish Equals Paul Ryan…Detroit–Foreshadow of America and the World…Dark Dots (DHS ammo, domestic military, purposeful racial incitement)…Corn Power…and Tips For Mitt

Ahh the look on the liberal TV interviewer’s face when Ryan talked of noodling catfish, and other down home stuff. The promised ugly description of Detroit–the legacy of failed government involvement, control and wasted funds, with predictably disastrous results–so disastrous your eyes will cross–and it is exactly what the federal government is doubling down on a national level–we can expect the same results. Remember Reid’s shows describing sinister Executive Orders, and ads for guards for internment camps for Displaced Civilians? How about the report by Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) on the enemies of America back in 2009 that caused an uproar–returning vets, Christians, conservatives, tea party folks? Do you recall the ominous warnings of the DHS whistle blower, “Rosebud” revealed here as reported in the Canadian Free Press? Here are some more than worrisome dots on the DHS–their increase in ammo buy to 750,000,000 rounds from the 480,000,000 requisition in April–much of that long outlawed hollow points–and other agency purchases of ammo, armored vehicles, and other wartime goodies. Couple that with recent articles on domestic full scale military scenarios by an arm of the military puttign down a Tea Party uprising, blessed by Obama, and Neapolitano, and it all starts to tie in. Think the price of corn is a “so what?”. Wrong–very wrong. Batten down the food cost hatches. And, our Tips for Mitt segment–how about a judo move on those tax returns, Mitt? You can do it!