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The Intentional Power

Dale Cross

The Intentional Power – How to Find True Happiness in Your Life

We all want it because it literally drives everything we do. It is truly the single greatest motivator of humankind. We say we want the better job, or the new car, or the perfect mate but underneath it all, aren’t we really just saying we want to be happy? Yet for many happiness becomes elusive as we chase after it in various ways that seem to only serve us temporarily. Well, what if happiness was in fact our true nature even before we get these situations or things that are more like the bonuses in our lives. Join us as we talk to Happiness Coach Bob Molavi FMA, BA Economics who helps clients uncover their natural state of happiness that he believes can be found within as opposed to externally! Using the Intentional Power we have we can then bring out our true state even during so called difficult times in our lives! He brings a decade of research into happiness, philosophy, and spirituality and synergistically blends the three to help people discover a depth to happiness they may have never known existed! As a happiness coach he loves to see clients tap into their natural state of joy!