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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Widows Wear Stilettos – Healing Heartbreak and Creating A Life You Love

Get through grieving the death of your beloved partner or relationship. Fall in love with your life with help from young widow Carole Brody Fleet and host, Hadley Finch, founder dating site-guided love quest, where singles find love and get the passion, intimacy and undying devotion you deserve.

Today’s episode touches the heart and lifts the spirit of women and men who are grieving the death of a beloved partner or relationship and seeking urgent relief from your pain.

Learning to live happily after suffering a devastating loss is among that most important lessons that can ever be taught. Today, you get a helping hand to move through the anguish of being ‘half’ and into the life-changing comfort of feeling whole again.

You’re about to discover how to release the sorrow of lost love and reach out to feel loved and lovable in your new life. You get compassionate, proven advice from a young widow and from a breakup survivor, who know your pain and reveal the path out of it.

As host, Hadley Finch, chats with Carole Brody Fleet, author of Widows Wear Stilettos and Happily Even After, they share personal experiences and steps they’ve actually taken to heal a broken heart, get over a breakup or death of a beloved lover, and get back on the happiness track where we all belong.

Shut off your phone, get comfortable and listen carefully to their 30 minute conversation in which you discover practical, not preachy, tips and techniques that help you:

* Live as a single person in a couple’s world
* Wrap up things left unsaid, undone after the death of someone you love
* Transform holidays back into joyous, memorable occasions
* Find grief groups and choose one, only if that’s right for you
* Know when you’re ready to start dating
* Be sure you don’t dive into a new relationship too soon–which has nothing to do with months or years since you’ve lost love

Discover how breakup survivor, Hadley Finch, and widow, Carole Brody Fleet, each made their brave journeys from heartbreak to happiness. And you will, too, with their help. You start seeing grief as a good thing, when you take these steps through it to become the person you’re meant to be and create the life and relationships you love now.