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Bryn Johnson

Business Café – Brain of Bryn on Networking

Join me in the café as two worlds come together= the world of the Business Café along with my Coffee Break community- all around the topic of networking. For more than a year, Coffee Break , a monthly one-hour Q&A call in/write in show for the small business community has been a source of answers to business questions and concerns. These answers all come from the Brain of Bryn! In fact, Coffee Break was most assuredly the jumping off point for this radio show!

In this café segment, I’ve pulled out some of my favorite answers on the topic of networking, business development and connection.
What is the ROI on networking? Where can I meet the right people? How do I approach those big conferences and make the most of out of my investment?

And the question everyone asks: Are there secrets to follow up and getting noticed? I share with you my three phases of follow up that have catapulted my connections every time!