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DDS Exposé – “Whatever Happened to Marcus Welby?”

In the late 60’s, a new medical drama TV show, Marcus Welby, MD was born, starring Robert Young, as Marcus Welby, who had an unorthodox way of treating patients and James Brolin, as Steven Kiley, his younger and more radical partner. Marcus Welby was old-school. He cared for each patient as if he or she was his own family member and provided a positive patient experience.

In this program Dr Kelly Brown, Founder and Chairman of Custom Dental, dissects his new white paper publication “Whatever Happened to Marcus Welby?” After almost 4 decades in the dental industry, building a very successful solo practice, speaking at dental conventions and guest lecturing at dental schools; Dr Brown has recently observed a very disturbing trend consuming the dental industry. He will share with you what is driving this trend, how this trend is affecting patient care and a simple tip on how to protect you and your family from this industry fallout.