Football Ranters

The Danchise & The Football Ranter

Football Ranters – “Fantasy Sleepers & Busts”

With the Cowboys’ and Giants’ season opening tilt just mere days away, fantasy draft season is in full swing. Fact: more fantasy football drafts will be held this week than during any other week in human history. Fact: there are more fantasy football managers in the United States than there are stalks of corn in Iowa. Fact: I made those first two facts up…but the first one seems like it’s probably true. At any rate, if you hope to win your league, you need a leg up on the competition. You need to know which highly-rated players to avoid, and which seemingly untalented pieces of refuse will explode for big numbers. To that end, Ranter and The Danchise bring you their 2012 edition of fantasy sleepers and busts. With one listen, you’ll know right away who to dodge in the early rounds and who to scoop up in the later ones. And if that were’t enough, you can always check The Danchise’s positional fantasy rankings at Draft freely, Lunatics