Spirituality and Philosophy

Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey for Truth – Life Energy Flow Tai Yi Practitioners Speak Out!

Join Tami Urbanek, Wayne Holum, Jason Harrison, and Sharon Farrell on this episode, discussing Life Energy Flow Tai Yi. What is Tai Yi? How does it assist you in healing a variety of ailments, such as an addiction to sugar, memory loss, digestive issues, anger, anxiety, among many other ailments? How does one receive Tai Yi energy work? Listen to these practitioners discuss (and offer a few stories) why they see it as valuable and how it has assisted them in their own personal healing journey as well. In this episode, you will hear the name Jonah a few times and for more information on Jonah, visit, Jonah Life Institute’s website. For more information on the practitioners, simply visit their websites that they offer on the show and for more information on Life Energy Flow Tai Yi, visit the Life Energy Flow Tai Yi website!