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Practical Karma: The Coach Approach

Wendy Kay

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – Body, Mind, Spirit: Channeling Your Energy To Increase Your Success

Don’t miss this Dynamic Discussion with Wendy Kay and guests, Cece Suwal & Mark Brener, Co-Authors of A Guide to Your Supreme Power & Co-Creators of The One World Initiative. You’ll hear about the Chaos Theory Myth & the Myth of Imperfection and how they may be affecting Your Everyday Life & Holding You Back from what You Want in your life. Then find out how Cece & Mark’s “Rational Optimism” can be used to channel the energy of the trilogy of Body, Mind, Spirit to increase Your Success in those things you desire most in your life.

Hear Wendy’s, & her guest’s, Thoughts on the 2012 Theories looming out there right now.

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Reinforcement through Repetition is a Strategy for Creating & Sustaining Change in One’s Life. Feed Your Mind by words & ideas of those who are able to do what you want ~ Not to replace your own thinking, but for consideration of how it may apply to you. Contemplate others’ words of wisdom only by using your own inner guidance as a check, and You will be the benefactor of that combination which results in expansion.