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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – One on One with Dr. Rossi

Dr. Rossi spoke from the heart in this show, in which he described what veterinarians and pets are experiencing in this difficult economy. He stated that thousands of dogs, cats, and horses were losing their homes as their owners lost jobs and houses.
He explained how this resulted in a reduced number of client visits for the average veterinarian even though vets still have the same or higher overhead expenses. This, combined with the sharp increase in the cost of drugs has resulted in a major increase in veterinary prices. In addition, many people have been purchasing their veterinary supplies online, resulting in an even greater need for vets to raise their prices. The section ends with a heartfelt plea to be patient with veterinarians, and to adopt, especially older animals as opposed to buying puppies and kittens.
Dr. Rossi followed with an explanation of where he’s been the last several weeks, namely Dallas and San Diego, attending book signings for 3 of his books, including, “What’s Wrong With My Dog or Puppy?,” and “What’s Wrong With My Cat or Kitten?.” He mentioned how he wrote these books to help owners decide when they can treat at home, and when it is DEFINITELY time to see the veterinarian. These books save both money, AND lives! The “What’s Wrong…?” series of books is available at AMAZON.COM.
Next, he introduced his latest and most personal book yet, “All Things Cold and Slimy,” an exciting new look at veterinary school and what it’s like to be a veterinarian! Dr. Rossi shared one crazy story in the book, about “batty” patients! This title can also be purchased at AMAZON.COM.
The general topics for today’s show included several recently described problems, such as garden hose scalding, and rat bite fever. Dr. Rossi also discussed Salmonella in reptiles and how to prevent the problem, as well as who should be careful around them. Chronic feline upper respiratory infections were also explained, and why they are so frustratingly difficult to treat. He also highlights signs of pet stress, and what you can do about it.
We also learned about “Sugar” the 19 year old Sheltie dog, with Degenerative Myelopathy, and insidious disease of the nervous system.
This show is chock full of information and heartfelt sharing to help you AND your pets, don’t miss it!