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Eliakim Thorpe

Liberated Living – “Red Alert America!” w/ Guest Deborah Nazemi (Part 1)

Eliakim is joined again by friend Deborah Nazemi to discuss her book titled “Red Alert America!” and the process of spiritual growth during the writing of her book. Listen and download this dynamic discussion as Eliakim & Deborah talk about how our own inadequacies can often paralyze an individual from reaching their destiny.

“America is on Red Alert; naturally, politically, and spiritually. We have reached a critical point. If we don’t do something very quickly, we will see further devastation through increased terrorism, natural disasters that go beyond our comprehension, and government takeover that could rival Hitler’s regime. RED ALERT AMERICA, Sound the Alarm! takes a look at our situation through prophetic and historic eyes, and gives hope and insight for us all. Have we had enough? Are we ready to go through the painful process of self-reflection and heart-change that will trigger reformation for the church and new hope for the future? If we will come away from our ‘ME’ mentality, throw ourselves on His mercy, and allow Him to transform us; we, in unity, will finally come into our God-given destiny and possess the land, one heart at a time. Says Deborah, “Only deep soul searching and true heart-change will revive us and bring the outward change we are seeking. Our transformation will lead to reformation, which will overflow to impact the world around us, bringing real hope and lasting change.”