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Today’s Parents – How To Get Your Kids To Listen To You

Ever had moments when getting through to your child seem to take all the breath and energy out of you?
No matter what you say, you just can’t seem to get them to listen. You keep repeating yourself, telling them to turn off the TV and go to bed, or not to hit their brother or sister, or not to wander off when they are in the store but for some reason, they just don’t listen to you. You end up more and more frustrated until eventually you can’t take it anymore and even start yelling at them.
Surely, there must be a better way?
In this week’s show, child and family therapist, mother of three and Director of Stepping Stones Counseling and Consulting, Leslie Petruk joins us on Today’s Parents to talk about why some parents have a hard time getting through to their kids and how to get them to listen and co-operate. Leslie shares a model that is not only relevant to communicating with children of all ages, but also when communicating with adults.

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