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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Treating Wounded Warriors Drives Amazing Scar Treatment Success : Dr Lycka & Lt Col (Dr) Hivnor

Scar treatment techniques continue to develop as ongoing global conflict causes greater numbers of military personnel suffering from severe scarring, particularly from burns. Such scars look bad but they usually cause a loss in function which can have a great impact upon the sufferers’ lives. This week Dr Lycka speaks with Lt Col (Dr) Chad Hivnor, a dermatologist & Director of Dermatology residency program based at the San Antonio Uniformed Health Education Consortium, and with a world-wide reputation on scar treatment. Dr Hivnor begins by explaining how the increase in soldiers with bad burns, and then latterly, amputations, has driven his quest to develop better solutions for scar treatment. He explains how they use a fractional CO2 laser to treat scars, which helps to not only help the skin to develop and heal better, from the base up, but also helps it to soften and relax, greatly improving the comfort and range of motion. Dr Hivnor tells some great stories how these new scar treatments have made a huge difference to the lives of these ‘wounded warriors’.