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Football Ranters – “The Return of the Segments”

Holy sweet fancy Moses, it’s opening week, Lunatics. Your patience will finally pay off when the Cowboys visit the Giants on Wednesday night for real, honest-to-goodness football. But before that, we’ve got the return of your real, honest-to-goodness favorite segments: Fake Injury Report, Incomplete Headlines and You F*cking Suck. Plus, we’ll weigh in on the last bits of news to tidy up before the season starts in this week’s edition of Yardline News. Week 1 picks will be up on later this week, and don’t miss the first round of The Danchise’s Two Minute Drill on Monday morning. Finally, a production note: we will resume uploading the podcast on Wednesday, starting this week and through the season, in order to recap each week’s slate of games. That means there will actually be a second (!) podcast following not far behind this one. It’s a bonus because we love you, Lunatics.