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Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – “Nashville Deer Song”

Nashville, Music City USA, sings with the sounds of deer as the Quality Deer Management Association held its 12 Annual National Convention complete with seminars of deer management, an associated Bass Pro Land and Wildlife Expo., banquets, after-event fun and gun and hunt auctions. Featured on this special 90-minute broadcast are the association’s Founder, Joe Hamilton, its Board Chairman, Mark Thomas and Communications Director, Lindsay Thomas who explain the purpose of the QDMA and highlight its recent activities.

Featured on this show are interviews with vendors who have introduced new products for deer hunters, making bronze wildlife sculptures, interviews with The Swamp People and Turtle Man, the impact of flavored Bourbon and other spirits on the alcoholic beverage market, and two tips on how to start multi-million dollar industries having positive environmental impacts by taking advantage of free or nearly-free resources.

Although the QDMA has many professionally degreed members among its ranks and presents cutting-edge professional reports during its meetings, it is very much an “open-tent” organization that includes many hunters, their family members and industry representatives. A new program, The Rack Pack, is designed to introduce children to wildlife, sound management practices and hunting.

While the QDMA has its focus on improving the health and quality of the nation’s deer population, among the other linked issues presented at the conference were leading-edge technologies on wild hog removal, coyote control and fire as a land management tool. These included on this show are Jager Pro’s founder Rod Pinkston who applies military methods for eliminating wild hogs, Dr. Karl Miller who outlined the impact of coyotes on the nation’s deer population and Dr. Craig Harper who discussed the proper implementation of controlled burns to manage land for deer and other species. These topics are considered in a special 30-minute addition to the regular program to provide detailed information to hunters, land owners and deer managers. Tips on how to handle your trophy deer between the time it is shot until it reaches the taxidermist are also included in this extended segment.

The cooking section discusses Western Spirits’ new flavored Bourbons and the utilization of the hard canning pear that is commonly found near old home sites throughout the nation. Tips include how to make these pears eatable by freezing them, making pear sauce, poached pears, pear wine as well as the usual pear pies.

Concluding “National Deer Song” is a partial recording of as stirring a rendition of the National Anthem as I have ever heard. This is sung in a fine tenor voice by QDMA member Boyce Flener.

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