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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – DON’T MISS Reid’s Interviews with NYT Best Selling Authors on Obama–Starting This Week–Brenda Elliot, Co-author With Aaron Kline of “Fool Me Twice”…You Won’t Like What Barry Has Planned For You In His Second Term!

Reid interviews Brenda Elliot, noted researcher, NYT best selling author, and co-author of “Fool Me Twice” with WABC and WND renowned, and New York Times best selling author Aaron Kline. Hear how Obama intends to accelerate the diminishment of America–smaller, poorer and less powerful, subjugated to the UN and a globalist regime – everything Reid has been telling us for the past two years. The Military, Living Wage, Energy, Israel, Missile Defense–There is nothing Barry does not want to downsize when it comes to the USA–and just like 2008, he aint telling you the truth up front–Hear Brenda describe the hundreds of documents they have dredged up that constitute the plan–in black and white, and who is behind it….This is a must-listen show–and it certainly is not what Obama and minions want you to know!