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Bryn Johnson

Business Café – Lessons for the Entrepreneur in “the Transition” with guest Marcy Stahl

Join me in the café with 15-year veteran of the “entrepreneurial life” Marcy Stahl, as we talk about the familiar transition for so many– from the organization/ corporation to becoming your own boss. Marcy played in the highly competitive and male-dominated world of technology defense contracting for many years- both in a defense think tank as well as running her own business- before switching target markets to support high-achieving women in the direct selling industry. Her lessons learned are invaluable for all of us and apply to everyone.

Pull out a pen and start taking notes from our conversation about things you need to know when striking out on your own, what detrimental behaviors are just too easy to fall into and why failing fast is the way to go! Oh and there is so much more! Plus, you won’t want to miss Marcy’s ruminations on Nancy Drew and the inspiration she has provided over all these years! Listen in and be sure to connect with Marcy on Facebook and LinkedIn for more great insight.