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Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Evolving Nonprofits Evolving Us

Hundreds of nonprofit organizations and NGOs are the drivers of our eco-evolution as individuals, societies and a global culture. As the stakes grow higher, the work of these groups in fostering the global shift becomes more and more vital. Darian Heyman, founder of the Craigs List Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp, author of Nonprofit Management 101 and producer of the new Social Media for Nonprofits event series sheds light on the evolving world of nonprofits in the 21st Century. With philanthropic donors looking for more bottom line accountability and traditional funding in short supply, nonprofits are more engaged than ever before in for-profit business. The Internet and social media are empowering these groups to engage their communities, generate support and interact with supporters and the public as never before. Its an exciting and important time for the nonprofit world, and these groups offer countless opportunities for people to play a role in positive change, as this compelling discussion reveals.