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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Skin Tightening Treatments Ulthera & Exilis Explained: Dr Lycka & Dr Forouzanpour

Do you want a facial skin tightening treatment without surgery and downtime? You are not alone! The trend continues in cosmetic surgery for patients to demand the looks they want, without the scars, surgery, and downtime. There are amazing devices being created which deliver great results, as demanded by patients. But it is easy to become confused between the different techniques. This week Dr Lycka speaks with Dr Fardad Forouzanpour, Beverly Hills-based, Board certified in general surgery and cosmetic surgery, to discuss two of the latest skin tightening treatments, Ulthera & Exilis. Dr Fardad explains in detail how Ulthera works to provide facial skin tightening, non-surgical lift, and then introduces Exilis, which works in a different way from Ultherapy. The two doctors compare and contrast the 2 methods and highlight which type of patient would be more suited to which type of treatment. Get clear on the latest non surgical ways to look younger, for longer!