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Show Up For Your Life!

Andy Henriquez

Show Up For Your Life! – It’s Never Too Late For a Comeback

Sometimes certain aspects of our lives can spiral out of control and when we look on we can feel as if things have gone beyond the point of return. You ever wonder if you can ever make a comeback with all the debt you’ve accumulated, a struggling marriage, failing health, or a really difficult situation? Sometimes it seems like there is no hope and that a comeback is not humanly possible. This week’s guest Dwight Pledger, author, speaker and trainer has proven through his life that it is never too late for a comeback. Once a very successful real estate broker and family man, Dwight’s life spiraled out of control after experimenting with the very addictive drug, cocaine. Dwight lose it all, the business, the house, the cars, and his family and spent 5 and a half years in the streets homeless and addicted to drugs. However, Dwight was able to make the ultimate comeback and redeem all that he had and more. Join us on this week’s show as we discuss how Dwight was able to make a comeback and key steps to making a comeback in any area of your life.