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Business: Engaged! – Episode Title: Marketing Moxie for Small Business Owners

It seems like almost every problem with a small business owner’s bottom line can be tied to the ability to market the company’s products and services. But how do we choose which tools to use? The Internet has brought us so many new marketing tools. Instead of empowering and equipping us, we often find ourselves paralyzed when we try to make a decision, or worse, spending too much on marketing.
On this episode of Business: Engaged!, Jackie Wolven of Moxie, a marketing and public relations company joins us. We talk over when and how to use social media tools like Facebook and Pinterest, as well as text message marketing and Groupon. She even talks about the tried and true marketing tools like newspaper and yellow pages advertising and sponsorships. Her business is also proof that you can run a worldwide business from a small tourist town in the Ozark Mountains.
You can visit Jackie’s website at to learn more about her company and the clients she serves.
Check in also for the sixth update on my city council campaign in Rogers, Arkansas. This week’s update is about equipping our network connections with the information they need to tell people in their network about you. To keep up with my campaign, you can visit my blog at
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