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Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Growing the Green Economy with Kevin Danaher

Founder, Green Festivals and Global Exchange, Green Economy Expert and Activist

Major U.S. cities all have emerging green economic sectors says activist and author Kevin Danaher, and the opportunities for innovations – and profits – are growing with them.This information intense discussion gets into details about how cities are going green, bioregionalism is changing societies, how consumers can get green profiles of any product with an app, and how new products, services and community models are emerging in response to climate change and growing scarcities. These changes offer new opportunities for commerce, and alternative models of doing business including the worldwide movement of cooperatives. An articulate spokeperson for the anti-globalization and Fair Trade movements, Danaher founded the GreenFestivals green consumer events, co-founded the social justice and anti-globalization NGO Global Exchange, and was the founding chairman of the U.S. fair trade certifier Fair Trade U.S.A. He has alot to say that makes alot of sense, as you will hear.