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Exploring Gender Mysteries

Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

Exploring Gender Mysteries – Can I be a “good-mother” and a “whole-person”?

More women than ever before are graduating from college, fully employed and single/divorced parents. These cultural changes put a lot of pressure on women to find a new personal peace that can combine giving-to-their-children and giving-to-themselves. Our guest is Jill, a full-time student seeking a degree in psychology, a divorced parent with shared custody and as employee, working two part-time jobs. She will share with you her inner conflicts between motherhood and personhood.

Follow-up summary of the show:
Jill speaks concretely about the inner conflicts that millions of women face every day. It is a private-war that makes them feel “guilty” and “inadequate”. This inner-conflict makes many women feel that no matter how much they do, “it is not enough”. Listen to Dr. Lewis guide Jill’s thinking into a “feel-good-strategy” that could make her inner life harmonious, because she puts “gender-ideals” aside.
Listen and learn!