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Dr. Twogood

Feel Good – Anecdotes from a Chronic Pain Clinic

Chronic Pain sufferers know that conventional medicine has failed them in eliminating their pain. The only solutions being offered are powerful, addictive pain pills, surgeries, more surgeries, then more tests, and very little hope. Conventional medicine is scientific, based on tests and scientific lab reports. Drug companies are forced to produce tons of research before new pills will be accepted by the FDA. And this scientific approach has left 47% of all Americans suffering with chronic pain, despite all the science. Pain cannot be proven, nor disproved. Pain is purely anecdotal. And if your doctor cannot prove that you have pain, she just might not believe you.

Dr. Twogood has practiced for 30 years and specializes in the elimination of chronic pain. Listen to the stories he shares with you on this program. You may recognize your symptoms. You will probably not recognize the successful treatments that are discussed in these stories because your doctors have never mentioned them. The only way to “prove” that these stories are real, or not, is to try the treatments discussed in this show, and in Dr, Twogood’s newest book,” Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days.”

Then you will know if this is true——for you.