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From Slavery to Freedom

Tom Calarco

From Slavery to Freedom – FSTFSummary — 091712

Aninterview with Debra Sandoe McCauslin, an historian from Gettysburg,Pennsylvania, who discusses the Underground Railroad in the Gettysburg area and talks about some of its more prominent participants. A descendant of George Washington Sandoe, thefirst soldier to die during the Battle of Gettysburg, she currently gives history tours of the region with a focus on the Underground Railroad. Information about her tours can be obtainedat Gettysburghistories.com. She also is the author of the book, YellowHill: Reconstructing the Past Puzzle of a Lost Community, about theantebellum African-American community that existed near Gettysburg. For more information about the Gettysburgarea and the historical treasures it offers, go to Gettysburgtravel.com.