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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” host Sheryl Glick welcomes Dr. Henry Grayson author of his newest book “Use Your Body To Heal Your Mind.” This book is a much needed practical view of combining quantum physics, neuropsychology, spiritual concepts and scientific research for the purpose of knowing that healing of physical symptoms requires releasing the effects of negative beliefs, traumas held at the cellular level and the recognition that everybody deserves a healthy positive life experience, even if subconsciously one feels they don’t deserve it, Dr. Grayson is a psychologist and the founder of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in New York and also the founder and director of the Association for Spirituality, Science and Psychotherapy. Dr. Grayson has studied neuropsychology, the major psychotherapies, the new power therapies, quantum physics, and Eastern and Western philosophies.

During the show we will discuss doctors and scientists such as Louis Pasteur, Claude Bernard, Issac Newton, and modern molecular biologist, Bruce Lipton and others, who laid the foundation for modern medicine offering different views about the material world and the quantum worldview. Louis Pasteur creator of mainstream medicine suggested the body is a sterile machine until germs, bacteria or cancer cells create imbalance, while Claude Bernard focused on the importance of the body’s INTERNAL environment which when compromised by stress, trauma, and negativity allowed the immune system to decline.
Bruce Lipton a molecular biologist argues the environment of a cell is not only material chemical connections but is also a Consciousness or an Energy field of Awareness connecting us to one another and all the energy in the Universe. The old view of medicine relies on the visible material linear world of the five senses, while the new view of healing revolves around the theory that our entire universe and our cells are primarily empty space which means all of matter is to a certain degree just space with tendencies to exist comprised of energy with encodings of information.

Dr. Grayson describes a method comprised of “The Six Questions” which when answered help eliminate the mental obstacles that often are the reasons that physical symptoms manifest. The six questions are:

1 Why might I need this symptom and why now?
2 What do I hope it will get for me?
3 What do I hope it will get me out of doing?
4 What emotion or need is it expressing for me?
5 What is the metaphor being expressed through the symptoms?
6 What is the family tribal or cultural BELIEF involved in this symptom

Later in the show Henry and Sheryl discuss the cumulative traumatic or painful developmental experiences that may be stored in the Limbic system and the connection to current illnesses. They also discuss the importance of early childhood experiences and how when negative or fearful beliefs are absorbed or downloaded by children from parents, relatives caregivers and medical practitioners the damaging and long term effects on the child and on the overburdened health care system. Ways to improve what is expressed to our children by parents who need an awareness of respecting the uniqueness of each person’s spiritual qualities may bring a more positive view of self to the child, thereby allowing them to have less fear and restriction imprinted on their inner being.

Dr. Grayson also incorporates subtle energetic tools and techniques for self-healing and re-programming your mind so you can stop emotional and physical stress and begin to heal immediately.

Dr. Grayson’s book is a treasure trove of fact and also from the many scientific studies and examples provided in the book, conclusive proof that true healing is much more than the elimination of symptoms by medication or surgery. True healing is a multi-dimensional process comprised of identifying and clearing all barriers, fears or limitations and reprogramming any negative or false beliefs that lead to or keep us sick. As we begin to know our innate loving inner power and being, we can heal the mind, body, and heart essence.