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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Using Lasers To Treat Burn Scars: Dr Lycka & Dr Waibel

The latest laser burn scar treatment techniques are creating amazing results for badly burnt people, from babies to elders. This week Dr Lycka speaks with Dr Jill Waibel, a board certified dermatologist based in Miami Florida, and a recognised authority in using lasers to treat burn scars. Dr Waibel begins by explaining how ‘using light to heal’ is becoming the ‘gold standard’ for burn scar treatments and discusses with Dr Lycka how the development of lasers originally designed for treating wrinkles and sun damage have revolutionised the treatment of scars. She tells the story of how helping one badly burnt patient in 2004 became the catalyst for her research and work in using lasers for scar treatment, and also shares other inspiring stories, including that of helping the badly burnt triplets who have since become great ambassadors for what can be done to treat burns.