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Show Up For Your Life!

Andy Henriquez

Show Up For Your Life! – Have You Ever Had a Bad Day?

Have you ever had a bad day? The type of day in which you knew that the entire landscape of your life was about to change. The day you lost a loved one, got let go from your job, closed your business, filed for divorce, got the news from the doctor or any other life changing day. This week’s guest Darcy Keith, author and speaker, knows exactly what it’s like to have a really bad day. Darcy was in a fatal car crash in which she was the only backseat survivor and sustained major mental, physical and emotional injuries causing her to have to start the basics of life all over again. Join us on this week’s show as we discuss how Darcy was able to survive and eventually thrive after her terrible accident and as she shares her amazing steps on how you can recover from any major life changing event in your life.