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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – Demographics

The baby boom generation trampling through their life cycle changed society and the economy. They drove the increase in the building of roads and schools. In starting their careers increased financial asset prices through increased income and pension contributions. They increased real estate prices through home purchases and the building of shopping malls. Now they are moving into retirement at the tune of 3-4 million per year. They will change stock and bond prices and the value of homes has they move into downsizing and selling growth assets. How does this affect your retirement planning? Should you lower your expected investment return and hunker down and save more? What opportunities will arise. Join Paul Hodges author of boom, Gloom and the New Normal as he explains the demographic impact on the economy and society. If you need to save more and modify your investment expectations, Steven Kolinsky CLU,ChFC shares his advice to his client base in preparing for a changed world ahead.