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Chiao Kee Lim

Today’s Parents – What Every Parent Needs To Know

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing the right things when it comes to raising your kids?
Are you raising your kids based on how your parents raised you? Or how you wished you parents had raised you?
Ever wished that someone told you what you need to know before you became a parent so you don’t screw up with your kids?
In this week’s show, Today’s Parents speaks with child rearing expert, Dr. Peter Haiman about what every parent needs to know. Peter is an expert who has spent over four decades working with parents to resolve issues when it comes to raising children. He has extensive experience in training and educating others about early childhood development, some of which include serving as director of training for early childhood and parent education programs across Arizona, Nevada, California, Hawaii and the Trust Territories. Listen closely as Peter will be sharing valuable information on:
• What every parent needs to know;
• What to do from the time a child is born to ensure that they don’t end up being rebellious teenagers;
• What to do if your teens are rebellious;
• A common mistake every well-meaning parent make that may backfire and jeopardize the emotional well being of a child;
• Signs and indications that your child’s needs are not being met;
• What parents should avoid doing when raising their kids.

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