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Business: Engaged! – Network Marketing: Should It Be Part of Your 21st-Century Business Model?

It is what Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad calls the business of the 21st century. You might be familiar with brands like Amway, Mary Kay, and Tupperware. But what do you know about the changes in the industry that were made possible by the Internet and social media? This isn’t your grandma’s multi-level marketing organization anymore.
There are more choices than ever and most don’t involve taking up any space in your home unless you just want a home office. You’d be surprised to know that some network marketing products are the perfect complement to your current business and can provide a significant additional revenue stream. Sometimes, it is the perfect next step when someone wants to sell their existing business and change directions.
On this episode of Business: Engaged!, I talk with 25-year network marketing veteran Linda Gracy of Diversified Enterprises. We talk about changes in the industry and who is successful and why. This episode might change your view of the network marketing industry — for the good!
You can visit Linda’s website at to learn more about her company.
Check in also for the seventh update on my city council campaign in Rogers, Arkansas. This week’s update is about determining the proper time to move from the strategy phase of a project to the tactical phase so you can move forward to execution. To keep up with my campaign, you can visit my blog at
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