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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – “God, It’s Not Working!” with Vincent Genna

This intriguing topic is the title of an upcoming book, a radio show and a presentation by Vincent (Vinny) Genna, who has inspired thousands of people to grow personally and spiritually. The phrase “God, It’s not Working” is often said by those who follow various spiritual gurus and read hundreds of self-help books yet often find the advice from others doesn’t work for them. It’s important to learn what’s true within our own experiences, in part by listening to the inner voice that speaks such wisdom to us. To demonstrate this, Vinny shares how he survived a sexually, emotionally and physically abusive childhood, as the result of being bullied and living with a mentally ill mother. Yet he kept hearing an inner voice, which he now believes was God, telling him was special. Over the years, he was able to transform his pain by helping others, both as a licensed psychotherapist and life coach. He learned to forgive his tormentors and become more compassionate to others. After asking God for the opportunity to help others, he reconnected with one of the people who had bullied him the most when he was a child. Yet, once he forgave this man, he realized that this person who had made his life so difficult eventually enabled him to transform his pain and use his story to help others. Vinny will be speaking at the Minneapolis Holistic Expo on Nov. 3-4. To learn more, please visit