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Bryn Johnson

Business Café – Brain of Bryn on Messaging and Business Brand

Join me in the café as two worlds come together: the world of the Business Café along with my Coffee Break community- all around the topic of messaging and branding your business. Plus get ready for two bonus topics: trade show booths and questions to ask when being booked as a speaker.

For more than a year, Coffee Break , a monthly one-hour Q&A call in/write in show for the small business community has been a source of answers to business questions and concerns. These answers all come from the Brain of Bryn! In fact, Coffee Break was most assuredly the jumping off point for this radio show!

In this café segment, I’ve pulled out some of my favorite answers on the topic of messaging, online persona, personal and professional brand as well as consistency of brand. How do I determine my messaging? Should I have all this figured out before I get a client? What if I run out of ideas to write about on my blog- how will I keep all this going? How do I translate my brand to the online world? What can I do to feel more clear about my messaging because I can do whatever the client needs. I offer exercises and a list of questions you can use to address these issues- even around booking as a speaker and trade show/exhibition booths. All straight from the Brain of Bryn!