Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – David Eckstein (aka Good Enough) On Heart, Hustle, Attitude and Toughness

The ongoing success of 5’ 7’’, 170 pound David Eckstein, nickname “Good Enough”, is grounded in having heart, leading off with hustle, an A+ attitude and mental toughness. Tune in to hear David share how he has embedded these into his life. These characteristic, the tap roots of his excellence, is what propelled him to 1st team All-American at Florida after walking on in ’94. Then, after being released by the Red Sox, becoming a two-time All-Star, the ’06 World Series MVP, recipient of the ’05 inaugural Heart & Hustle Award in his ten year major league career (’01-’10). Expect to hear how David has taken on his ‘Goliaths’, his book, Have Heart, closeness of family and doing battle with failure. Also expect me to give David the opportunity to elaborate on several of his quotes such as, Don’t turn the channel… no matter what the score is.” and “I feel very confident with two strikes. I feel it’s more of a freedom. I get very upset with myself if I make an out on a bad pitch before two strikes. With two strikes, it’s all out the window. I feel free.” I’m confident you’ll evaluate this show as simply’ Good Enough!’