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Jerry V. Teplitz JD, Ph.D.

Healthy Alternatives – USING SOUND TO HEAL

Join me and my guest, Alex Doman, as we talk about the importance of sound in our lives and how it can affect our health (

Alex Doman is the author of the bestselling book, Healing at the Speed of Sound. He is the founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies and has focused his career on sound, music and technology and their capacity to improve brain health and performance. Alex has been the co-producer of Music for Healing at the Speed of Sound and Music for Babies. Alex has been the executive producer, creator and collaborator on more than 50 other albums, products and technologies.

He has been interviewed extensively on sound brain fitness music which includes: NBC, NPR, Marketplace, Wall Street Journal, Self and many other shows. Alex lectures internationally and has trained thousands of health, education and music professionals in the brain based applications of sound and music. You’re not going to want to miss this one!