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The Global Child

Dr. David Kenneth Waldman

The Global Child – The Girl Child

How can the world become a better place if we do not invest in education? What is the solution for breaking the cycle of poverty and despair in developing nations? Why the best investment a person can make is investing in education for girls. Our guest today was a girl living in poverty but not despair. She had a father who believed that girls should be educated and ensured his daughter had the same advantages as a boy.
Featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show in a segment entitled, Mothers/Moms of the World the Right Honorable Bakoru-Bakoko Zoe a Former Minister of Gender, Labor and Social Development, is a health policy expert and as a public health nurse administrator, she recruited and trained community health workers and developed health outreach programs to underserved communities.
During her tenure as Minister, Honorable-Bakoko developed the Social Development Investment Plan (SDIP) and the Orphans; Vulnerable Children Policy (OVC), the guiding policy on orphaned children. The Minister has been recognized for her tireless work as an HIV/AIDS, a peace activist, and advocate for women and children’s rights. She has met with several world leaders to discuss health policies, labor issues, peace processes, gender equality, and children’s rights. Honorable Bakoko established the Bakoko Bakoru Foundation (BBF) to care for disadvantaged children in Uganda. To date, hundreds of children have been helped out of poverty and their healthcare and educational needs have been nurtured.
The Minister also serves on the Board of Directors of To Love Children Educational Foundation International and is a mentor, advisor, and close friend.