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Voice of American Education – Two Important Lessons for American School Children: The Power of Kindness and the Secret to Ageless Living

The best parents and the most dedicated educators want the children in their world to understand what is truly important and of value not just in the short term but for their entire lives. It is our responsibility to identify ways for children to enjoy good and satisfying lives and to know how to best take care of themselves.

This week, Kirk Sinclair, known as the “The Hiking Humanitarian,” joins Voice of American Education to discuss his excellent book, Kindness Across America, a book about the power of kindness, and the extraordinary importance of promoting community kindness. It’s an interview every good parent and educator should hear!

This Voice of American Education week’s spotlight is on Rico Cavaglia whose book, Ageless Living: The Ultimate Lifestyle for Health, Vitality, Longevity. Rico talks about how children of all ages must be told and shown how the most important thing in human life is one’s health, understand the role that genes play, and how enjoying life is a critical part of the formula and reminds us all how youth is a state of mind.
Find out more about the American Dream School model project mentioned in this week’s show at You can also find out more about Dr. Pittella’s illuminating book, How Deconstructing The American Education System Will Reconstruct the American Dream. and how to order a copy, on that site.

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