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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – Inside Scoop from the Internist

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is Dr. Katrina Toshach, a board certified veterinary internal medicine specialist. Dr. Toshach’s special area of interest is veterinary endocrinology and she discussed in detail some of the more common hormonal diseases of dogs and cats. These include: diabetes, thyroid disease, and Cushing’s. She mentioned the importance of diet in managing some of these disease, as well as the use of certain medicines and other treatment modalities including radioactive iodine therapy for the treatment of thyroid disease. Dr. Toshach and her fellow team of experts can be found at
Dr. Rossi discussed the struggle between veterinarians acting as pure scientists versus practitioners, using empirical treatments and getting results. A second topic featured a fascinating study showing the connection between intestinal bacteria and bladder stones. The research not only presented evidence for the connection but also gave us hope for both treatment and prevention of this common problem of dogs, and perhaps cats.
Dr. Rossi was also excited to mention that he had received the first hard copy of “All Things Cold and Slimy,” and the publisher has informed him that the e-version has already started to sell! The book features a great discussion on what veterinary school is REALLY like. It is a great gift for would-be veterinary students other animal lovers, is available at and on iTunes.