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Football Ranters – “Simultaneous Ranting (Week 3 Recap)”

The entire universe is on fire following the Snowjob in Seattle, and the collective Google search queries for terms like “simultaneous possession,” “offensive pass interference,” “drunken officiating” and “Golden Tate” broke the Internet. It’s a traveshamockery, and we just wouldn’t be the Football Ranters if we didn’t rant about it to no end — so we do in this week’s episode! We also discuss the general chaos that has dominated the first three weeks of the 2012 season, desperately trying to make sense from the nonsensical and salvage our own sanity in the process. You’ll also get a fresh dose of You F*cking Suck, HOUSE and The Danchise’s new strategy for picking games, which can’t possibly yield any worse results than usual. We’re all getting screwed here, Lunatics, so let’s get screwed together.