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Barry Lycka MD

Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Practical Anti-Aging Skin Care Advice Thru Your Lifetime: Dr Lycka & Dr Malik

Taking care of your skin, as part of a positive and healthy lifestyle, is something we can all do from our early years through to old age. This week Dr Lycka speaks with Dr Naila Malik, a board certified family physician, with a passion for helping people with anti-aging skin care, skin care problems and in achieving a healthy and positive lifestyle. Dr Malik has firm beliefs that lifestyle factors have a massive effect upon our skin, and explains the practical and easy steps we can all take through our life to protect and care for our skin. The 2 doctors discuss the typical cosmetic dermatology problems that patients seek help and solutions for, as they move from their teenage acne and skin problems, thru midlife when wrinkles and other signs of skin aging appear, and into later years when skin growths and skin cancers continue to develop. Listen in for great skincare advice at any age.