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Ripley Radio – Jesus Toast, Tom Thumb and Small Horses

This week on Ripley Radio, we talk with the creator of the toaster that can summon up a great image of Jesus each and every time on any slice of bread! Tom Thumb was not the smallest person to ever walk the earth, but he certainly was the most popular of the Lilliputians. Sideshow historian James Taylor and Ripley archivist Edward Meyer present two different segments on the mighty mite general and we are told that Ripley owns the suit in which Tom Thumb was married.

Also, this week: we hear from the breeders of the world’s smallest horse; Judika Illes tells us about the Jupiter Retrograde that is currently upon us; Angela informs us that a new Fiat model is offering up as an option the world’s first in-car coffee maker; and we hear all about the Oddtoberfest being held at Ripley’s Orlando Believe it or Not!