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Enlightened Life – Sacred Sweat Lodge Tradition Under Attack in Arizona

On 9/11/2012, Yavapai County Arizona ordered members of the All Nations Native Church to stop all gatherings for the Inipi, the sacred sweat lodge tradition they have practiced there for many years. Officials are demanding that they get a permit to hold the religious ceremony in which the sweat lodge is built and used. In the aftermath of the James Arthur Ray ‘death lodge’ in 2009, is the county going too far by demanding that religious people who offer safe and legitimate sweat lodges and have been doing so for years must have government approval first? Join us for a lively and enlightening conversation with spiritual leader Adam Yellow Bird DeArmon who has been practicing the Inipi tradition for many years and whose sweat lodge was recently shut down by Yavapai County officials. Adam has traveled extensively throughout the world working, learning and living with many different indigenous peoples. He has dedicated his time and energy to a personal vision of unity and a return to the natural world. He is a born healer and visionary. Adam also serves as the Cultural Liaison for the Foundation for Global Humanity, working directly with Elder Brothers Kogi Ajaco and Wiwa from Colombia. He is involved with the The Indigenous Native Americans website, the outreach vehicle for the International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom (ICSAW). ICSAW is dedicated to preserving the ancient wisdom and traditions of indigenous cultures throughout the world. In response to the actions of Yavapai County, Adam has set up a Facebook page to support his fight for the right of religious freedom on behalf of the sacred Inipi sweat lodge tradition where you can show your support and get the latest updates.