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Jenny Kerr

Smart Girl’s Guide to Life and Money – Ladies, You Are Not Saving Enough For Your Future!

You know you should be saving, but your bills keep pilling up, making the though of saving for your future a far off dream. Time and time again, the statistics show that most women are not saving enough for retirement. This is scary ladies! It means most women are not going to be prepared to take care of themselves financially when they retire and that just simply won’t do. Join Jenny this week as she talks to Jon Stein, the founder and CEO of Betterment and Brittany Siegel, Marketing Manager for Betterment as they talk about simple & sophisticated investing. There’s a direct correlation between how well a woman takes care of herself financially and how well she feels about herself. If your scared or intimidated by planning for your retirement or you’ve just never taken action, Jenny, Jon and Brittany are going show you just how easy it is to begin saving for your future, TODAY!