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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – Uncertainty and Aging

Getting older is part of all of our retirement plans. We just don’t know how old we will get. This leaves many people assuming they will live to 90 or 95 for planning purposes. We fear outliving our money, thus we get some comfort if the numbers work to an old age But, this means you may spend 20-30 years or more in retirement. A lot can happen in that time. What has happened in your life over the past 30 years? Was it all predictable? We learn to live with uncertainty and we will continue to need to work with it in retirement. Though, as we age we would like things to be a bit more predictable. Looking for predictability and some guarantees, insurance in its various forms can make sense in your retirement plan. There are many intriguing ways to bring it into your plans. Neil Jesani, CFP and CEO of Beamalife Corp explains creative uses of life insurance and annuities. Living longer brings uncertainty to our health and that of our loved ones. Our social networks may change and we need to work on avoiding loneliness and isolation. Mary Boone Wellington and Tracey Bowman co-authors of Hope I Don’t Die Before I Get Old share stories and tips on how to care for elderly parents and how to prepare for your own time in old age. Preparing now will help to provide a more dignified and joyous aging.